Hunker Down Design is based in central Bristol. We create bespoke cabins with a utilatarian edge, using sustainable practices and materials.


How the building process pans out will define the experience of using the space, so we make sure that creating buildings is as seamless as possible. By working through every step, from design through to finishing, we are always on board and up to speed with all developments, see our testimonials to a sense of us and check out our process for a detailed look at the way we work. 

We believe that the design is of utmost importance, we want our projects to function effortlessly to your needs, to compliment their location, whilst using carefully sourced and effective products, that don't cost the earth.  

We run our business with the  awareness that we are at a turning point in the building industry. We are passionate about doing things right: bringing ease, knowledge and care into your dream project. 



After a BA in Architecture from Oxford Brookes Sam worked with Hugh on the treehouse in Herefordshire. Spending a year learning sustainable building techniques. Following this he went to study  an MA at KADK in Copenhagen, where his course focused on Architecture within wider contexts including politics, sustainability, impact on location and functional based approaches.

Alongside HDD, Sam has many projects in the pipeline, including a horse-box sauna and the restoration of a Bristol home. 



 KT’s Cabin, December 2020

Hunker Down Design built a cabin for me this summer, as we needed some extra space to work from home. We now have a fabulous portable construction in the garden that takes advantage of the wonderful view and stunning sunsets. Their attention to detail during the entire process has created a stunning building that ticks the boxes on both sustainability and looks. Thank you HDD, you are a talented and thoughtful team. 


Sam learnt building the old fashioned way, on the building site with his Dad. Through various projects over the years, including the refurbishment of a narrowboat he has honed his skills. 


Alongside his building work he is also an actor and a musician. Currently recording an EP and hoping to start playing live music in the future. 



Hugh has worked in sustainable construction in various guises, from building a habitable timber-framed treehouse in Herefordshire's Black Mountains to eco-retrofitting houses with The Bristol Sustainable Building Company. Alongside Hunker Down, he currently works for SNUG Homes, making low-carbon affordable housing for refugees, and studies sustainable building techniques under The Green Register.


In his spare moments, Hugh enjoys crafting wooden kitchenware, and furthering his mission to achieve the perfect sourdough bagel.



Bristol, UK