Conception: You have a project in mind & get in touch!

First Site Visit: We have an informal chat over your idea. If not fully formulated we help guide you towards specifics, giving time to viable different options and discussing materials. Brief land/foundation survey.

Second Site Visit: Mock up of frame at scale, inclusion of neighbours, talk through location, roof options, further discussion of design & materials.

Preliminary Discussions: we do the necessary research and sourcing in order to create a bespoke product that fits with your ideal.

Quote: After all necessary discussion and exploration has been undertaken, we put a detailed quote together, which is sent to you for approval.

Final Quote: After any requested adjustments are made to the quote, we send you a final quote, which you need to approve.

Contract & Deposit: We send you a contract outlining our agreed terms of service provision, to be signed by both parties. You pay a deposit and the project is secured.

Developing Choices: We assist you in developing your usage & design choices in much greater detail, giving a wide array of options and their varying pros and cons.

Architectural Drawings: We create a visual 3D representation of your project, at scale, with its surroundings, also digitally reproduced.

Technical Design: We produce a series of in depth technical drawings, detailing exactly how each component of the structure will interact, and be installed.

The Build: We construct the project according to a carefully planned and agreed work schedule. We can build the structure in its entirety, or offer a more affordable ‘self-finish’ model.

Snagging: We remain in touch after the building is complete, returning to resolve any issues if required.

We can also offer one or more of the above services in isolation. We might come on board just for the design stage, or build your structure according to a pre-existing design.

Get in touch to discuss your options!