Sam V was interested in buying a modular/folding desk for his work, so began researching options. Turns out, there isn’t a whole lot of high quality and affordable examples out there currently. After some searching he stumbled upon the Frey Desk. He absolutely loved the design; how it can modulate between a sitting/standing desk, an easel and a drafting table and the fact that you are able to add and customise pieces to fit into the grooves; such as a shelf or pencil holder.


He had a look around for somewhere to buy one, but couldn’t find an active shop, so set about redesigning the model himself. He had two desks CNC’d from 18mm Birch Ply at CEL CNC, one for himself and one for Sam T. Both desks are in regular (and joyful) use at the HDD office and studio space in Bristol.


The desk combines a clean & sharp aesthetic, with awesome functionality. At Hunker Down Design we are all passionate about the combination of these ideals.


In terms of legality…all credit to Nathan Frey for the original design. Sam’s design has some new features and it’s own dimensions. 


DIMENSIONS: 2.5m x 1.2m x 0.8m

(dimensions can be adapted)

MATERIAL: Birch Plywood

PROCESS: CNC Routed from sheet material

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