This bike shelter was an interesting challenge; with only a small amount of space to work with, the client needed to store five bikes, which would all be in regular use. It was decided the best option, to allow for the relative ease of the incoming and outgoing cycles, was to have two levels, utilising height as well as width with some bikes being stored vertically and other’s horizontally. Overall this creates an appealing look. Especially when the green roof comes alive!


The client wanted a smart finish to compliment the newly painted and decorated front facade of the house and for the bikes to be protected from the weather. 


We designed a simple supportive stud timber structure, hidden beneath a weather-proofed planting tray containing sedum matting. The front facade is covered in waterproof membrane and finished with vertical softwood cladding. 


Fun fact: Bike shelters are becoming a bit of a trend in Bristol, especially Easton. It’s almost famous for them. 


DIMENSIONS: 3.8m x 2.6m x 1.8m

PLANNING: No planning required


STRUCTURE: Timber frame

ROOF: Living green Roof

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